SBEC Official Record of Educator Certificate
Texas Educator Certificate
This certifies that
Ryan Reid Thomas
has fulfilled requirements of state law and regulations of the
State Board for Educator Certification
and is hereby authorized to perform duties as designated below:
Description Effective Date Expiration Date Status
Classroom Teacher
  Music 11/10/2017 06/30/2023 Valid
    Grades (EC-12)
  Technology Applications: 02/22/2019 06/30/2023 Valid
    Grades (EC-12)
  Computer Science: 02/21/2019 06/30/2023 Valid
    Grades (8-12)
  Music 12/08/2010 06/30/2016 Expired
    Grades (EC-12)

Official Record of Certification
Thursday, September 29, 2022