State Board for Educator Certification Customer Satisfaction Survey

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and the State of Texas want to serve you better and appreciate your time in completing this survey. Be sure to press "Save" at the end of the survey. Thank you.

1. Please check the area that best describes your position.

a. Prospective educator
b. Credentialed educator
c. School district personnel staff
d. Educator preparation staff
e. Other 

2. How did you contact SBEC? (Mark all of these that apply.)

a. Walk-in
b. Other SBEC phone number
c. Mail/Fax
d. Toll free number
e. Web

3. What type of information were you seeking? (Mark all that apply.)

a. Certification
b. Testing
c. Code of Ethics Discipline
d. Accountability
e. Standards
f. Other (Please describe) 

4. How do you prefer to get information from SBEC?.

a. Telephone
b. Fax
c. Web Site
d. Mail

Based on your contacts with SBEC, please rate all items below.

5. Staff

N/A Poor Fair Acceptable Good Excellent
a. Courteous
b. Friendly
c. Knowledgeable

6. Services

N/A Poor Fair Acceptable Good Excellent
a. Convenience of customer service hours
b. Waiting time for office visit
c. Quality/accuracy of information received during office visit
d. Telephone assistance - access to a person
e. Telephone assistance - call transfers
f. Telephone waiting time on hold
g. Staff used nameplates or nametags?  Yes No
h. Staff identified themselves by name?  Yes No

7. Written Materials

N/A Poor Fair Acceptable Good Excellent
a. Completeness of written materials
b. Waiting time to receive materials by mail
c. Quality/accuracy of information received 

8. Facility

N/A Poor Fair Acceptable Good Excellent
a. Adequate parking
b. Location well marked with signs and easy to find
c. Facility was clean, orderly, and easy to get around

9. Web site

N/A Poor Fair Acceptable Good Excellent
a. Information available was clear and precise
b. Information was applicable
c. Information was easy to find
d. Information was current
e. Contacts for additional information
f. Links to other sites

10. Do you know how to file a complaint regarding services received from SBEC?  Yes  No

11. Confidence

N/A Poor Fair Acceptable Good Excellent
Please rate the confidence that SBEC will address complaints received

12. Receipt of services

N/A Poor Fair Acceptable Good Excellent
Overall, please rate the services you received from SBEC

13. Please include any suggestions you have on how SBEC can improve the quality of its services.

Demographic Data (optional)

14. Gender Male  Female

15. Primary racial or ethnic group

a. White
b. African-American
c. Hispanic
d. Asian/Pacific Islander
e. Native-American
f. Other

16. Age Group

a. Under 18
b. 18-20
c. 21-34
d. 35-44
e. 45-54
f. 55-65
g. Over 65

17. Number of contacts with SBEC in the last year

a. 1
b. 2-5
c. more than 5

18. Number of years you've been receiving services from SBEC

a. Less than 1 year
b. 1-5 years
c. 6-10 years
d. Over 10 years

19. Home Zip Code 


Thank you for completing this survey.